18 Feb 2015

Loving: Frankie Magazine

What is a blog of mine without a post about Frankie? 

Frankie is an Australian bi-monthly magazine that is really just absolutely wonderful. So wonderful that I've been reading it for four years now and have all 24 issues that I've bought in that time stacked up on my bookshelf, and I don't intend on getting rid of them any time soon. 

Every single issue is packed full of and covered with beautiful things that I am a complete sucker for. I sometimes just get excited about the covers. (Scroll down, you'll see what I mean.) Visually, its pages are littered with the works of amazing illustrators, photographers and designers. It even comes with a pull-out poster by a different artist every issue that doubles as a two-month calendar!

But what really hits the nail on the head is that it's not just aesthetically pleasing. It contains pieces written by fantastic people like Benjamin Law and Marieke Hardy (If you're not familiar with them now, you're not likely to forget them after reading a copy of Frankie. They will make you laugh, trust me.), facts and awesome historical figures, interviews with independent business people and artists and the like, recipes and DIY projects, inspiring stories about amazing people and even reviews on peanut butter.

The gorgeous issue 64 is on shelves now until April 13th.

Even if you don't plan on reading it cover to cover, just picking one up to rest on your coffee table and have a flick through is a great idea. It's got something in it for almost everyone. It goes for $10.50  an issue here in Australia (a bit pricey for some but hey it's only once every two months), and can be found in some select stores around the world for a price. A list of international stockists can be found on their website.

Check it out if you can! I hope you like what you find!


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