30 Nov 2015

Monthly Playlist: November 2015 & Taking a Break?

It's the last day of November, a month that has gone much too fast but also not fast enough because I can't wait to get excited for Christmas. This month has been quite uneventful in terms of music in my life, but I've still tried my best to put together a little something that's worth listening to. It's my usual mix of Western music and K-Pop. I've really been loving f(x)'s album '4 Walls', so there's a couple of songs off that on here, and I highly recommend you check out the whole thing! Enjoy and keep reading for a little housekeeping (or rather, blogkeeping) below.

1. Cliff's Edge - Hayley Kiyoko // 2. Something In The Way You Move - Ellie Goulding // 3.Take It To Reality (feat. SAFIA) - Alison Wonderland // 4. Kamikaze -  // 5. 4 Walls - f(x) // 6. Lightsaber - EXO  // 7. Papi - f(x) // 8. 으르렁 Growl (Stage Version) [Studio Version] - EXO

Now that you have something nice to listen to, on to the more serious stuff. I've decided to take a little break from blogging for just a little while. Shock-horror, I know. Finals have unfortunately seemed to suck all the creativity from my body (as they usually do) and, as you might have noticed, I've not come up with any great ideas or been really motivated to write recently. I'll definitely still be around to post little tidbits (for example, I fully intend on posting my December favourites playlist and a 2015 one as well), but I've decided to take the pressure off myself for a little bit longer until I get my inspiration back again, which hopefully won't take long!

So, I hope you've enjoyed this post, and I'll be back soon, I promise!!


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