21 Mar 2015

Relaxing Soundtrack

I listen to music without fail every single day. Whether I'm walking, taking the bus, writing or just doing nothing in particular, I probably have my headphones in. 

As much as I do love my poppy dance music, sometimes the mood calls for something different. I like to have a range of songs to play when I feel relaxed, so naturally I have a few favourite albums for doing exactly that:

Evergreen by Broods / Broods was one of the amazing discoveries I made when listening to Triple J's Hottest 100 earlier this year, and I love every track on this album. I just let it play on repeat constantly. It has some more upbeat tracks, but who doesn't love that? ~ Favourite tracks: Mother & Father / Bridges / L.A.F / Superstar

Have One On Me by Joanna Newsom / Joanna Newsom is a pretty new discovery for me, and I'll admit it took me a few listens to really get enthused, but now I seriously love her. She plays the harp and writes songs that read like poetry. It does feel like a very mellow record for the most part, but I do enjoy that. Also check out her live performances. She's so beautiful and talented. ~ Favourite tracks: Easy / '81 / Good Intentions Paving Company

Goddess by Banks / I've been listening to Banks for the longest out of these three, and I've had this album since it was released. There's something almost thrillingly dark about it, and some of her lyrics really hit you hard (in a good way). I'm glad a lot of people have been listening to this, because it definitely deserves recognition. Favourite tracks: Goddess / Waiting Game / This Is What It Feels Like / Drowning 

I listen to all three of these albums a lot, and I hope it inspires you to give them a try too. Let me know if you have any recommendations you think I might enjoy!


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